How to Install MetaMask to Transfer Money and NFTs


By: layerthree

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to, most commonly, send and accept cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry! We’ll cover it in another post and link to it here.

Anyway, when cryptocurrency is in your wallet (aka: MetaMask), you are then able to invest, trade, play games, own unique digital items (NFT collectibles), and so much more.

How do I install MetaMask?

Easy! Follow the video directly below, or below that, follow the written steps to install the MetaMask browser extension.

Follow this short video to install the MetaMask browser extension.
  1. Go to, then ‘Download now’ from the home screen and follow the simple prompts. You’ll now have the MetaMask icon in your browser extension bar – click it to set up your wallet.
  2. The ‘Welcome to MetaMask screen will appear. Click ‘Get Started’.
  3. Since you’re new to MetaMask, so you’ll want to ‘Create a Wallet’.
  4. Select ‘I Agree’ on the next screen, allowing MetaMask to improve with your usage. (You can opt out of this later.)
  5. Create a password of your choosing. This is password is recoverable if forgotten.
  6. Watch the video on keeping your wallet safe and information about your Secret Recovery Phrase. THIS IS NOT RECOVERABLE IF IT IS FORGOTTEN OR LOST. KEEP THIS PHRASE SAFE!
  7. That’s about all there is to it! Now, you can buy, send, or swap cryptocurrencies, either between friends or on websites that accept ETH.

How do I get funds (digital currency) in MetaMask?

You can easily buy Ethereum directly in your MetaMask wallet with a debit card or Apple Pay by clicking “Add funds”. (A word of note, make sure it is Ethereum you want to add, as blockchains such as Solana are not yet supported.) You can also request funds from a friend by sending a payment request in person by showing your QR code or virtually by sharing your public address.

Final Thoughts

As with everything, don’t risk more than you are willing to lose because unfortunately, it does happen, especially when you’re not comfortable in the space. We always recommend putting a small amount in and just “kick the tires,” sending crypto, receiving crypto, buying an inexpensive NFT on a marketplace (or even making your own!), etc. Some of the best places to learn prior to making your first transaction are the best crypto subreddits, so check those out here. This space is so exciting and fast-paced, and there is no better way to learn than jumping in and trying it.

Hopefully this guide will help you feel more comfortable, learn the ins-and-outs, and who knows, maybe even score a collectible NFT!

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