Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold (And What Makes Them Special)


By: layerthree

Most Expensive NFTs Sold

The past 18 months or so have been seen NFTs explode onto the crypto scene, and naturally with that, bringing the most expensive NFTs ever sold. Each successive sale seems to break some sort of previous record. Here, we will dive into the biggest, most outrageous, and just plain crazy NFT sales to date.

Many of these large NFT sales occur in one of the major marketplaces, which you can read more about in our post Dive into Each of the Most Popular NFT Marketplaces. If you want to get into your own, definitely check out our article series on starting out in NFTs, installing MetaMask, choosing the best crypto wallet, how to buy an NFT, and gaming in the NFT space. The projects below were all purchased and sold on the Ethereum network, but Solana is the up-and-comer.

Biggest Projects

Beeple: Everydays – The First 5000 Days | $69.3 million

The reigning king of all NFTs sold also doubles as one of the most expensive artworks ever sold. Every day for 13.5 years, Beeple created a piece of digital artwork and posted it online. The first 5,000 days of this project, collected together, are the first purely digital artwork ever sold at Christie’s.

Pak: Clock | $52.7 million

This is a dynamic NFT that shows the total number of days WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was imprisoned. A DAO, AssangeDAO, was formed to raise funds for his legal defense, ultimately raised and bid over 16,593 ETH ($52.7 million) to purchase the NFT. The artist then donated the funds to aid in Assange’s defense.

Beeple: HUMAN ONE | $28.9 million

Being no one hit wonder, Beeple also holds another top spot on the most expensive NFTs list. This was quite a divergent from his first project, as this is a sculpture with digital screens on all sides that depicts a person in a spacesuit walking through an ever-changing environment. It is a physical/digital hybrid that reflects the artist’s growth but also the potential for NFTs to exist in both worlds.

Larva Labs: CryptoPunks #5822 | $23.7 million

These 10,000 Ethereum-based avatars were minted in 2017 and given away for free! Since then, however, they have become the inspiration for countless more projects and the most valuable project in the NFT space. Overall, CryptoPunks have generated over $2 billion worth of trading volume, with dozens going for more than a million. Each CryptoPunk has it’s own unique set of attributes – only 9 of the 10,000 are aliens like #5822.

Larva Labs: CryptoPunks #7523 | $11.8 million

Another alien from the CryptoPunks collection is #7523. It was the most expensive sale in the collection until the one above sold in February 2022, but this one is interesting as one of it’s unique features (along with being one of the nine aliens) is a medical mask. Remember, these were originally minted in 2017, so COVID-19 did not yet exist.

Dmitri Cherniak: Ringers #109 | $7.12 million

This is one of the most valuable projects on the Art Blocks platform, along with creator Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenzas. The platform is exclusively generative art, which means an artist sets parameters in code, but nobody, not even the artist, knows exactly what one will look like until after it is minted. The platform had a popularity explosion in mid-2021, and Ringers #109 is it’s biggest single sale to date.

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